Make Your Own Wedding Bobbleheads For Your Weddings
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Make Your Own Wedding Bobbleheads For Your Weddings

A wedding party is a memorable and loving experience for both the bride and the groom. It is also a moment to celebrate laughter and impart joy to people who are invited to the party. Bobbleheads are one of the accessories capable of doing these things in your wedding parties.
Bobbleheads are the action figures which forms are imitated from the real people, with much bigger head and eye sizes. In weddings, the custom bride and groom bobbleheads are usually placed as the cake toppers. In some occassions, the bobbleheads can also act as the wedding souvenirs for the invited ones.
These custom wedding cake toppers often have the black-and-white clothes pairings, with the groom wearing the black tuxedo and the bride wearing the white dresses. In some cases, it is also possible to have different costumes for the brides and the grooms.
Cowboy, superhero, and Hawaiian costumes are some costume ideas for the custom wedding bobblehead cake toppers.
There are other costume ideas that you can apply when you make your own wedding bobbleheads, such as the white shirts for the grooms and the white dresses for the brides. You can even apply the same costume ideas for bobbleheads that are inspired by the grooms' and the brides' parents, the pets, and more.
Our website,, is a place where you can get a set of personalized wedding cake topper bobbleheads or bobbleheads that are intended for wedding souvenirs.
Here, we provide you with many choices of traditional and modern-styled wedding bobblehead models that you can choose from. These are the examples of what your wedding bobbleheads will look like:
1. Custom Cake Topper Bobbleheads Bitmoji
Bitmoji is one of the most popular applications for creating the cartoon you. Use Bitmoji for your custom wedding bobbleheads cake toppers and you will feel all young again!
You can ask us to customize the brides' and the grooms' Bitmoji. Most people will prefer the Bitmoji version to resemble the wedding bobbleheads. Yet, we can make it possible for you to have tweaks on your bobbleheads' Bitmoji - look at the pink vs white roses the bride carries in the above's picture, for example!
2. Custom Wedding Bobbleheads Beach With Palm Tree
Beaches are almost always associated with palm trees. Both beaches and palm trees, when tied to the wedding concepts, accentuate the relaxed and peaceful vibes for both of the brides and the grooms.
We can help to bring the peace you deserve in designing and re-designing the beaches and palm trees as the backgrounds for our custom wedding bobbleheads product as much as you'd like to. P.S.: You can use casual shirts for the grooms to add relaxed vibes.
3. Bride And Groom Cake Topper
This custom wedding bobbleheads is one of our best-selling products. The timeless designs that involve the grooms' and the brides' matching tuxedos and wedding dresses are the keys to our success.
Most people use these wedding bobbleheads for their wedding cake toppers. You can use either the traditional black tuxedo-white dress pairs or the grey tuxedo-white dress pairs as the one's in the picture above.
4. Custom Wedding Bobbleheads
The old saying that states no one can separate the sacred ties of marriage goes well with this product. Just as no one can limit the poses of the grooms and the brides, the sky is the limit when you talk and think about our custom wedding bobbleheads products.
Our custom wedding bobbleheads are the solution for you if you are bored with the traditional standing postures of the brides and the grooms. The above's picture is the example where we make both of the bobbleheads sit down on a tidal wave - a symbol of the love that never dies.
5. 2021 Custom Wedding Bobbleheads Cake Toppers
The tuxedos for the grooms and the wedding dresses for the brides remain the most popular wedding attires for custom wedding bobbleheads for cake toppers in 2021. We can add modern touches to the attires, such as open-shoulder wedding dresses and flowery necklaces, as much as you'd like so you can follow 2021's marriage trends.
If you want to go further, you can also add pets to both of the grooms' and the brides' sides. The two dogs in the picture above are examples. See how they relate to the groom's and the bride's postures where the groom grabs the bride's hand tightly.
You can also add more bobbleheads to complete your new families. Those could be the mini you, your children, or others as you'd want to. In helping you design your wedding cake toppers, we also provide you with many costume ideas for the additional bobbleheads you order from us. 
Not only that we can provide you with custom wedding bobbleheads cake toppers, nor that we only design the bodies of the grooms and the brides. We can also create designs for the bobbleheads' mats, which are the square, circle, or rectangular-shaped objects just below the bobbleheads' feet.
All you need to do is to choose from the bobbleheads' bodies and specify the designs you want for the costumes, accessories, and mats. If you don't have any ideas of what you want us to design, refer to our many wedding bobbleheads' models at
Our wedding bobbleheads' prices start from $128 for one set of bobbleheads. So, go ahead, order your wedding bobbleheads, and let us design the rest!

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