Various styles of custom bobblehead dolls
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Various styles of custom bobblehead dolls

Custom bobblehead dolls refer to dolls that have heads that are bigger than the rest of the body, and the head and neck are joined by a string. Many types of bobblehead dolls are custom made from either plastic or ceramic. In the past years, the bobblehead dolls were also made of papers, plastic as well as ceramic. The best material for the dolls is ceramic since many people love the material even though it's more delicate than the ones made of plastic. The styles are made according to the client's description of the bobbleheads, and the artists responsible make them as they are described.
Custom wedding bobblehead dolls
For any wedding bobblehead dolls, there are many styles that one may choose from or request one to be made. For example, some styles may be those of a country wedding cake showing a western cowboy groom and some other elegant funny and vintage styles. The wedding styles may be made according to the customer's description; that is, the artists may be ordered to create wedding bobbleheads that have dolls that look exactly like the bride and groom.

Groomsmen and best man
These are bobblehead dolls that are made to resemble the groomsmen, both physically and in their clothes. The bobbleheads are made especially to be offered as a gift to both the groom and the groomsmen. The different doll styles for the groomsmen differ from wedding to wedding as some people prefer traditional weddings while others are into the modern wedding. is capable of making your dream wedding come true by designing and making the best and quality groomsmen and best man bobblehead dolls ever and at affordable process.

Bridesmaid and matrons
The best gift a person can give to their bridesmaid and matrons is a bobblehead that resembles them showing the role they played in your wedding. The bobbleheads can be made to ensure the likeness of the individual description, and one is free to make changes before the last product is made. has a variety of bridesmaid and matrons styles one may choose from or get ideas of their own from there.

Superheroes are admired by very many children and adults as well, and for that, people are collecting their bobblehead dolls to express their love and support. Superheroes such as superman, batman, spider-man, wonder woman, and supergirl, among others, are made just as they look on the TV's together with all their costumes and equipment. The superheroes may also be made in a way they resemble the original superheroes but custom-made with the clients' heads. makes the best superhero bobblehead dolls that are affordable and of high quality.

Family bobbleheads are dolls that are created to resemble a family at an event, may it be in a sports field, dance hall, at a wedding, among other events. The bobblehead dolls may include a father, mother, and either one child or many. Different bobblehead creators make a variety of bobblehead dolls using a different material that is either plastic or ceramic, and at crebobble .com, there is a guarantee of very good products that satisfies the customer's details, quality, and price.
One of the oldest bobbleheads were made to resemble players in most of the popular sports like basketball. Fans would get bobblehead dolls as gifts and giveaways to encourage them to attend more games. Other sports such as hockey, soccer, baseball, and others also have embraced the use of bobblehead dolls to advertise their games as well as gift their players and fans. These dolls are made to resemble the best players, a whole team, among others. This is a style of bobblehead dolls that many sports fans love, and for that, people should visit the crebobble .com to check out the various sporty styles of their choice.

Cake toppers
The cake is the most important thing in a wedding and to make it more interesting then, an additional bobblehead topper makes the wedding better. The toppers range from different themes according to what the bride and groom choose. Some of the themes include; Indian, sports, police, and a wedding on a beach, among others.

A personalized bobblehead is a doll that is made in a way a person has described it; that is, it resembles the persons in question. This is the amazing thing style of bobblehead dolls as they can be sculpted to all the physical features a customer describes. Pictures may also be used to ensure that the bobble dolls are made as requested.
Another style of the bobblehead dolls is the information of gifts. Most of the known bobblehead dolls offered as gifts include those of musicians, actors, athletes and sportsmen and women. Besides, gifts at a wedding for the best man and lady. These gifts are informed of personalized dolls that resemble the people receiving the gifts.

Casual bobblehead style is one where the dolls are made resembling various personalities in casual wear. Some people are known for casual wear, and that describes their personalities, and hence bobblehead dolls are made casually to show the personalities of different clients. At crebobble, there are a lot of already made casual bobblehead dolls that one may choose or request to be made.

Any career can have a bobblehead doll styled to resemble them. For example, a dentist may get a gift that resembles them inform of a bobblehead doll. Other careers include; doctors, businesses, farmers, judges, military, police, pilots, engineers, and pastors, among others. A person is looking for a bobblehead style to gift a person of any career, and then they should be happy since can make that happen by making dolls that can resemble the persons in question.

The fashion style of bobblehead dolls is the ones that are created to showcase the different fashion styles in the fashion industry. Most of the fashion experts have embraced the use of bobblehead dolls to sell their different fashion ideas, and for that, they have become business strategies for most users.

In conclusion, it is evident that there are a lot of styles of custom bobblehead dolls that range from; weddings, career, casual, gifts, personalized, sports, family, superheroes, and many more. A custom bobblehead doll can exist in any type of style that one may want, and talented artists make it happen all the time. For more information and photos of the various styles, visit

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